For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Joh 3:16
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4/24/2014     Announcements & Prayer matters
Daily Devotional
Bible verse for today
"....My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness...." 2Cor. 12:9
Apostle Paul was told by the Lord “My grace is sufficient for thee”. This was the answer to the prayer he had made concerning his ailment. We can only speculate on the ailment. Some say, that it was his failing eye sight based on Gal. 6:11. Others are of the opinion that he had epilepsy or some such illness. Whatever it was, it was personal and painful hindering the apostle so much so that he prayed three times about it.
Once the answer to his prayer was revealed, he was satisfied with it. He understood the reason for it in his life. God had permitted it in his life. 2Cor. 12:7. To shed light on what he is saying he narrates an incident that occurred in his life, where he was caught up to the third heaven. 2Cor. 12:2-4. This seems to have happened to him in Lystra where he was stoned and left for dead. Acts. 14:19,20. Our Lord showed him the glories of heaven. Having seen the third heaven he will not glory in anything other than his infirmities. 2Cor. 12:5. He will glory in the persecutions, difficulties of life, afflictions and reproaches. 2Cor. 12:10.
How about us? Have we received answer to prayers? We, as His children have learned through experience in our own lives, how through the pain and suffering, necessities, sorrow and burdens our Lord has sustained us. We have to continue to look at Jesus Christ and the glories that await us. Our focus should not be the things we endure but look on to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
God does permit things to happen in the lives of believers. It is a known fact that when there are difficulties we draw closer to God. Well, let us ask Him to carry us through the rough paths of our life. And He will. Let us trust Him not just for the big things in life but for the routine things of life. Let us depend on Him, love and obey Him. Our Lord is coming soon. Our hope will be realized soon.
Today, we find these words to give us comfort, and help us to rely on God’s grace, rather than our own strengths and resources. Amen. DJ
Special Meetings Date
Bro. Vinoji Samuel March 29 & 30 2014
Bro. Jose Daly April 5 & 6 2014
Bro. Varghese Kurian July 11,12 & 13 2014
Prayer Matters  
Sis Diana & Abraham Samuel &  3 children in NICU Sis Elamma (PA)
Jubin & Jonathan are blessed with a baby girl Sis Pearl (Canada)
Sis Soosamma George Bro James Mathew (MI)
Sis Ruby Philip Sis Leena Daxon
Sis Zubida George Sis Molly Paul (India)
Our elderly parents Bro Edwin Pauls son (India)
Our children & Youth Bro M.M. Zachariah
  Bro. R. Krishnankutty
Sisters Quarterly Meeting April 26 2014 at Ebenezer Brethren Assembly, Bellmore
Mens Quarterly Fellowship May 10 2014 at Indian Brethren Assembly, Bronx
FIBA Youth Seminar April 12th 2014 Maplewood Bible Chapel. NJ
NE Youth Retreat FIBA Conference
NE Conference IBF Conference