For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Joh 3:16
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4/17/2014     Announcements & Prayer matters
Daily Devotional
Bible verse for today
And their eyes were opened…. Luke 24:31
There are people who are born blind. There are people who have become blind due to illness or old age and there are those who were blinded by man. These people were not able to see with their physical eyes. We know that Jesus Christ also restored physical eye sight to many who were blind. John 9:20, 32; Mat. 9:27-30, Mat.12:22, Mat.15:30, Mark 10:52; Luke 7:21, Luke 18:43

In the Old Testament the blind were not allowed to approach to minister in the presence of the Lord. Lev. 21:18-21. Neither could one offer a blind animal as sacrifice. Lev. 22:21-22. Our Lord Jesus Christ was perfect, thus He offered the sacrifice and also became the sacrifice. Heb. 9:14.

The greatest blindness of man is not his physical blindness but his spiritual blindness. Satan is the cause of spiritual blindness. 2Cor.4:4. It is the Word of God that gives spiritual vision with the help of the Holy Spirit. Physical blindness is not a hindrance for spiritual vision. Fanny Crosby is our excellent example. -

How is our spiritual vision? Are we able to behold the wondrous things from the word of God? If not, our prayer should be Psa. 119:18. The disciples, who walked to Emmaus from Jerusalem in our text, were not able to put together the events and the words which our Lord Jesus Christ had spoken to them before his passion. Jesus had to come and walk with them and expound to them the scriptures. So there is a need to remind us the scriptures. This will establish us in the faith and enable us to overcome the trials and temptations in this world. It is what will keep our hope rejuvenated.

As we gain spiritual sight our eyes will be able to see farther than any telescope can ever hope to see like Abraham did. Heb. 11:10. We need to see afar off. 2Pet.1:5-9. We must have our spiritual eyes enlightened. Eph. 1:18-21. The saints before us had their spiritual eyes enlightened. Heb. 11:13. May God enable us to see who we are and where we are going? It will enable us to see the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and enable us to worship God the Father through Him. Amen. DJ
Special Meetings Date
Bro. Vinoji Samuel March 29 & 30 2014
Bro. Jose Daly April 5 & 6 2014
Bro. Varghese Kurian July 11,12 & 13 2014
Prayer Matters  
Sis Diana & Abraham Samuel &  3 children in NICU Sis Elamma (PA)
Jubin & Jonathan are blessed with a baby girl Sis Pearl (Canada)
Sis Soosamma George Bro James Mathew (MI)
Sis Ruby Philip Sis Leena Daxon
Sis Zubida George Sis Molly Paul (India)
Our elderly parents Bro Edwin Pauls son (India)
Our children & Youth Bro M.M. Zachariah
  Bro. R. Krishnankutty
Sisters Quarterly Meeting April 26 2014 at Ebenezer Brethren Assembly, Bellmore
Mens Quarterly Fellowship May 10 2014 at Indian Brethren Assembly, Bronx
FIBA Youth Seminar April 12th 2014 Maplewood Bible Chapel. NJ
NE Youth Retreat FIBA Conference
NE Conference IBF Conference